short form series

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The path to success is laden with paranoia, arguments, accusations, insecurity, stubbornness, and drunken apologies- exactly the same as the path to friendship.

This is what we explore with our three girls, Sarah, Greta and Adele - all very different women who probably wouldn’t say g’day to each other at a party, except they each hold the exact same screaming ambitions to make it big in the comedy world. Our story begins with our protagonists in various states of down and out - bad day jobs, even worse prospects as working actors or comedians. In fact, it seems like all the odds are against them - differing but equally anxiety inducing levels of debate and doubt about when the next rent bill can be paid, and casual misogyny in the workplace as ever present hum in their lives. The girls meet up and decide to form a group of their own- an all girl comedy group.

Their excitement at the prospect of being the first female sketch comedy group to one day have their own TV show fuels them to create, shoot, edit, market and basically work round the clock like fiends to secure their dreams. But this is no elevator to the top floor. Like every female gunning for her dreams, each girl has her own shit to deal with, her own flaws to manage, her own wounds to heal, her own ego to get over, and combined we have a boiling pot of creativity vs anxiety.

This is a show that poses the question - how much does one give up of themselves to make it as a whole? What does it take to “make it” a woman in this world? And what does “making it” even mean? For these girls, making it viral is only one step…


Adele Vuko / Greta Lee Jackson / Sarah Bishop


Zoe Norton Lodge


Bridget Callow-Wright / Gemma Knight / Abi Tabone


Adele Vuko / Greta Lee Jackson / Sarah Bishop / Cam Knight / Dave Eastgate / Greg Larsen / Henry Stone / Matt Okine