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“Over and Out” is a half hour narrative comedy about two new parents trying to raise their kids right, in a world full of wrong. Lewis and Freya are stuck in the middle of the two most stressful things ever… raising babies and surviving the end of the world. They’re battling the cute and cuddly horrors of early parenthood alongside the actual horrors of reaving metal-clad gangs, zombies, mutants, cannibals, dehydration, disease, and starvation. 

But beneath the chaos of our post-apocalyptic setting, this is a story about parenting.

The endless compromise and subtle dance required to maintain your relationship whilst parenting. And all this pressure on two fragile brains that are running at less-than-average capacity thanks to uncontrollable hormone dumps and ongoing sleep-deprivation.

 Our story is set in 2025 two years after the nuclear apocalypse and the collapse of society as we know it. Cities have fallen. The grids are down. Radiation has caused human mutations. The polar ice caps have melted releasing ancient diseases. Untested immunisations were distributed en mass, causing horrific side-effects. Humanity has splintered. Those who didn’t become mutants or zombies turned to cannibalism. Others formed gangs. Some started cults…

 … And then there are those who are just trying to survive like normal people.


Adele Vuko / Christiaan Van Vuuren


Bridget Callow-Wright / Gemma Knight / Abi Tabone